Flag of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago

The first NDC submission of Trinidad and Tobago contributes highly, among others, to SDG 8 'Decent Work and Economic Growth' (29%) and SDG 3 'Good health and well-being' (14%). For SDG 8 contributions relate to Target '8.4 Promote resource efficiency to decouple growth and degradation' (67%) and Target '8.5 Achieve full employment, decent jobs and equal payment' (33%). Here, climate actions are related to 'Low-carbon economy' (67%) and 'Unemployment reduction' (33%). For SDG 3 contributions relate to Target '3.9 Reduce illness and deaths from chemicals and pollution' (100%). Here, climate actions are related to 'Reduction of chemical and pollution impacts' (50%) and 'Climate-induced health risks prevention' (50%).

Data for the updated NDC of Trinidad and Tobago is missing but will be added soon. Please check again later.

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