Flag of Syrian Arab Republic

Syrian Arab Republic

The first NDC submission of Syrian Arab Republic contributes the most to SDG 15 'Life on Land' (23%) and SDG 11 'Sustainable Cities and Communities' (16%). For SDG 15 some of the highest contributions relate to Target '15.2 Promote sustainable forest management and expansion and halt deforestation' (27%) and Target '15.3 Restore degraded land and combat desertification' (27%). Here, some of the main climate actions are related to 'Conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems' (22%) and 'Forest management' (17%). For SDG 11 some of the highest contributions relate to Target '11.2 Accessible and sustainable transport systems' (40%) and Target '11.1 Universal access to safe housing and basic services' (30%). Here, the main climate actions are related to 'Safe and adequate housing' (30%) and 'Urban planning' (30%).

Data for the updated NDC of Syrian Arab Republic is missing but will be added soon. Please check again later.

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