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The first NDC submission of Belarus contributes the most to SDG 15 'Life on Land' (33%) and SDG 8 'Decent Work and Economic Growth' (20%). For SDG 15 some of the highest contributions relate to Target '15.1 Conserve, restore and sustainbly use inland freshwater ecosystems' (20%) and Target '15.2 Promote sustainable forest management and expansion and halt deforestation' (20%). Here, some of the main climate actions are related to 'Biodiversity protection' (33%) and 'Conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of ecosystems' (17%). For SDG 8 contributions relate to Target '8.4 Promote resource efficiency to decouple growth and degradation' (60%) and Target '8.3 Promote development, decent jobs and micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises' (40%). Here, climate actions are related to 'Low-carbon economy' (60%) and 'Long-term development strategies' (40%).

The updated NDC submission of Belarus contributes to SDG 7 'Affordable and Clean Energy' (67%) and SDG 13 'Climate Action' (33%). For SDG 7 contributions relate to Target '7.3 Double the rate of improvement in energy efficiency' (67%) and Target '7.2 Increase share of renewable energy' (33%). Here, climate actions are related to 'Energy efficiency' (67%) and 'Clean and renewable energy' (33%). For SDG 13 contributions relate to Target '13.1 Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related and natural disasters' (100%). Here, some of the main climate actions are related to 'Monitoring and tracking of climate change' (33%) and 'Early warning systems' (33%).

How do activities in countries NDCs connect with the Sustainable Development Goals?

Analyse and compare how countries’ climate ambitions correspond to each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Can climate actions generate synergies between multiple Sustainable Development Goals?

This chart aggregates climate actions into broader socio-economic categories and enables exploration of the cross-cutting nature of climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals.


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